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Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Ann Irving
272 Forest Road, Woodhouse
Loughborough LE12 8UA

Tel: 01509 890050



To consider finances for both Council and Charity; and to make recommendations to full council and charity. Chair, Vice-Chair, Mr Tyler, Mr Searancke, Mr Thomas

Grant applications

To make recommendations to full council [the charity cannot make grants]:
Cllrs Martin, Horne, Johnson & Taylor

Planning Matters

To consider & make responses. All Councillors consider planning applications. Councillors from each village are nominated to examine and visit the locations:
Cllrs Martin & Tyler for Woodhouse Eaves and
Clls Taylor & nominee Mr Woodland for Woodhouse.
Cllr Martin will consider either as needed


To consider staffing issues; and to make recommendations to full council:
Cllrs Horne, Searancke, Taylor & Thomas


To consider traffic issues in conjunction with local people; to liaise with relevant organisations who have control of road traffic on behalf of the council; and to make recommendatiions to full council where appropriate: Cllr Tyler plus nominees Mrs Randall & Mr Whitmore
Footpaths monitoring: Nominee Richard Newbold