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Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Ann Irving
272 Forest Road, Woodhouse
Loughborough LE12 8UA

Tel: 01509 890050


Parish council welcomes comments from parishioners on any consultation - which can be from Borough, County or national government. Your council tries to respond whenever possible. Some consultations are only for the parish council, some are also public, and some are neither but included here when we hear about things ...

Urgent Care survey
How well (or otherwise) was emergency / urgent care delivered during this most recent winter (December 2017 – March 2018) - not planned in advance but immediately or on the same day. Answer a few simple questions. The survey is completely anonymous, so please feel free to be as open and honest as possible.

Bus services future
Leicestershire County Council Countywide Accessibility Policy Review (CAPR), on s support for public transport (subsidised bus services) & community transport. Examples include Community Bus Partnerships, Good Neighbour Schemes and voluntary car sharing schemes that can help vulnerable residents to access key services and activities.
Deadline: 13 June 2018

Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy: safety review
To consider safety measures to bring cycling and walking closer together to increase active travel. Cycling and walking need to be easy, fun & safe. Cycling is generally very safe, and serious accidents are rare. But we need to make it safer still, for all road users, so that it becomes a default mode of transport, whatever one's age or background. Safety includes physical health & well-being in a clean and green environment. This consultation summarises key evidence for change, and highlights key areas in which Government seeks your views. They want great ideas, evidence of what works, examples of good practice from other countries, innovative technologies, and imaginative solutions.
Deadline: 1 June 2018

National Planning Policy Framework revision
Government wants your views on the revised NPPF - this is the most important document about planning policy, to which all Local Plans and decisions must abide.
Deadline: 10 May 2018

Ethical standards in public life
Robust standards arrangements are needed to safeguard local democracy, maintain high standards of conduct, and to protect ethical practice in local government. The terms of reference are to:

examine the structures, processes and practices in local government in England for:

    • maintaining codes of conduct for local councillors
    • investigating alleged breaches fairly and with due process
    • enforcing codes and imposing sanctions for misconduct
    • declaring interests and managing conflicts of interest
    • whistleblowing
  • assess whether the existing structures, processes and practices are conducive to high standards of conduct in local government
  • make any recommendations for how they can be improved
  • note any evidence of intimidation of councillors, and make recommendations for any measures that could be put in place to prevent and address such intimidation
    Deadline 18 May

Civil Society Strategy
Government wants comments on its Civil Society Strategy. This aims to explore ways to build new partnerships within and between sectors and communities, so that it can better mobilise resources and expertise and find practical new solutions to the problems we face. It encompasses the work of individuals, charities, youth organisations and communities. The consultation has been split into four areas: our civil society, people, partnerships and places.
• Our civil society: big questions of what civil society is, how it is working
well and what needs to change to strengthen it further
• People: how more people could take action on issues that matter to them
• Partnership: best ways to work across different sectors to make a better
• Places: how we empower local people to improve the places they live and work
Deadline: 22 May 2018

Carers' Strategy
Leics CC want to hear your views on the draft Joint Carers Strategy 2018-2021. Looking after a person that you care about is something that many of us want to do. Caring can be very rewarding, helping a person develop or re-learn skills, or simply helping to make sure your loved one is as well supported as they can be. The draft Joint Carers Strategy 2018-2021 sets out a shared vision and priorities for recognising, valuing and supporting carers.
Deadline 21 April 2018

Strategic growth Plan
Leicester & Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership comprises reps from Charnwood and the other district councils, and aims to grow the area to this level by 2031. If you wish to comment, the information is at www.leicestershire.gov.uk/have-your-say/current-consultations/strategic-growth-plan It puts forward proposals for the new housing and transport improvements that would be needed to attract jobs and investment to Leicester and Leicestershire from now until 2050. It will provide strategic direction and help shape the Local Plans that the city, borough and district councils are or will be preparing or reviewing. It will also be used to support bids for Government funding to deliver the infrastructure needed to support growth. Displays at
* Charnwood Borough Council offices, Southfield Road, Loughborough - until April 5
* Thurmaston Parish Council, Elizabeth Park Sport Centre, Checkland Road, Thurmaston – until March 8
*Syston Town Council, Community Centre, School Street, Syston – March 12 to April 5
Deadline extended: 10 May

Airport communities - have your say
Online survey to gather your views on how well they're doing to support communities. The web link is at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/EMACommunity2018

Bradgate Mental Health Unit Service
Healthwatch Leicestershire is working with local people to shape and improve the development and delivery of local services. This includes understanding people's experiences of the services and making recommendations where applicable. This survey asks for your views on the Bradgate Mental Health Unit. Healthwatch is concerned about the unit following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission in February 2017 who reported the service required improvement. The information you provide will be used to help improve service delivery at the unit:

Mobile library service

The Mobile Library Service currently visits around 250 communities across Leicestershire and makes circa 400 individual stops. It has been ascertained that 14% of these stops attract no visitors and that 46% of stops there are less than three customers. An indicative cost per unique service user is around £190.

It is therefore proposed to review the Mobile Library Service to explore the options for reducing costs and increasing engagement. The review will focus on streamlining the service to reduce staffing and vehicle costs, but may also include options to decommission aspects of the service. Engagement with users of the service will form part of the review.
Deadline to be confirmed