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Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Ann Irving
272 Forest Road, Woodhouse
Loughborough LE12 8UA

Tel: 01509 890050

Neighbourhood Plan

This page will contain files and information for the Neighbourhood Plan In the column alongside are links to the Woodhouse Parish Plan, Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and Village Design Statements.

Paul Gilding, CBC Senior Planning officer [19 April 2018] indicated key issues from NPs that have been completed:

  • Clarity – precise wording so that policy intent is certain
  • Evidence – proportionate, especially if it goes beyond national guidance
  • Consistency – use planning language in phrases & terminology
  • Meet all legal requirements e.g. consult Environment Agency
  • Don't rely on documents outside the group's control
  • Don't contradict national or local policies
  • Balance harm and benefits – make them positively worded e.g. 'development will be supported if ….'
  • Be reasonable with policy requirements e.g. don't insist that every application should include landscape impact
  • Keep to land use planning only e.g. speeding doesn't fit but an be an aspiration

Below are some starter publications.

Useful links to groups and organisations
local NP groups

Local network of NP groups
Nik Green officer who sends out NP info to mailing list of groups