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Clerk: Emma Crowe
50a Main Street
Woodhouse Eaves
LE12 8RZ


Allotments Manager

Mr Martin Hynard is appointed by the Parish Council as the Allotments Manager. This is an entirely voluntary position for which the Council is deeply grateful. Former Allotments Manager Mrs Linda Winston will assist. To contact him about hiring an allotment or paying your dues, please email him on hynardm@gmail.com or phone 0779 320 4097 or write to Fox Cottage, 62a Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves LE12 8RZ

Annual payments for allotments are due in January. From January 2019 the cost is £20 (£10 for half). Payments can be made to the Parish Council via the Allotments Manager or the Clerk.


Following the instructions around movement and gatherings from the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, we are monitoring daily advice from the UK central government. As we understand the situation at the moment it is still permitted to visit your allotment plot, ideally on your own to take daily exercise. Therefore our allotment sites remain open at present and will remain open unless we are advised otherwise. It is vitally important that you follow all the advice about social distancing and hygiene in the points below:-

Do not gather together in groups on the site. Only family members that live with the tenant can enter the site if the tenant is also present.

Any plot-holder who is self isolating because either they, or a household member, are ill with corona-virus should NOT be visiting the site.

Please keep your distance from other tenants to help limit the spread of the virus. Follow current government social distancing guidelines and keep at least 2 metres apart from other people.

Do not share tools or any other equipment with other plot holders.

Be careful touching gates, padlocks and other communal assets. Ensure you use hand sanitiser after each use.

Do not wash hands in water troughs to avoid contaminating troughs with soap and chemicals.

Please stay on your plot at all times whilst at the site and do not enter another plot under any circumstances.

If you need to contact Woodhouse Parish Council Allotments please do so by e-mail at the above address.

Allotment Gardens - Rules of Tenancy



Payment of rent

1. The tenant shall pay a yearly rent, set by decision of the Council. The rent is payable in advance on 1 January in each year. Council reviews the rental charge from time to time and any variation in the annual charge will be notified to tenants individually. There is a gate key deposit of £10.

Termination of tenancy

2. Either party to this agreement, serving on the other not less than three months written notice to quit, may terminate the tenancy on 31 December in any year.

Care of the allotment

The tenant must:

3. Keep the allotment in a clean, decent and good condition, properly cultivated

4. Maintain in decent order the path to the right hand side when facing the plot, all fences, hedges and or ditches bordering their allotment

5. Cultivate the allotment for the production of fruit, vegetables or flowers for the tenant and tenant's family only

6. Compost ONLY biodegradable material on the tenant's own allotment or remove it from the site

7. Remove any non-biodegradable material from the site i.e. plastic, metal, glass etc

8. Behave appropriately and not cause annoyance or nuisance to other allotment tenants

9. Keep any dogs belonging to them under control and clear up any fouling immediately

10. Supervise children under 16 years old

11. Lock the gates behind you on every visit

The tenant must not:

12. Light individual bonfires between 1 April and 30 September. Only one communal bonfire is permitted on the first Saturday in the month.

13. Use a hosepipe connected to the communal water supply to water individual allotments - the supply must only be used to fill individual water butts

14. Allow livestock onto the allotments other than hens or bees for which permission must first be obtained

15. Sub-let or assign the tenancy to anyone else

16. Obstruct any paths

17. Sheds should not be erected without consulting the Allotments Manager. Sheds must be of a proper construction (wooden with a mineral felt roof), no larger than 6' x 8' and no higher than 7' (smaller is preferred). Sheds should also not have a permanent base (i.e. concrete). Sheds to be used solely for storing allotment equipment and not any toxic/inflammable substances. Security of the shed and any equipment is purely the tenant's responsibility.


18. The tenant shall permit the inspection of the allotment by an officer of the Council at any time with due notice.


19. If the tenant shall be in any breach of any of the Rules in this Agreement for a period of one month or longer the Council may terminate the Tenancy and may claim damages.

Signed by plot holder …………………………………………………… Date ……………………………..

Woodhouse Parish Council 9 May 2016