Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Emma Crowe
50a Main Street
Woodhouse Eaves
LE12 8RZ


There are several local charities that aim to help local people. They are:

The Herrick Homes
Charity number 217598
This charity was established on 31 October 1857 by William Perry Herrick of Beaumanor and incorporates the subsidiary charity of Mary Ann Herrick, established on 31 March 1866 for the maintenance of the Herrick Homes. It provides Housing for Elderly or Old People from Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves and Woodthorpe who are at least 55 years old. They must have resided in the Borough of Charnwood for not less than five years at any time but the preference is for residents of the three named villages. Applications are invited by public advertisement when there is a vacancy. Contact: Chair of the Herrick Homes Trustees, 209-215 Forest Road, Woodhouse LE12 8TZ Tel: 01509 890 050

King George's Field - Woodhouse Eaves
Charity number 1087237
Most of the field was a gift from the Beaumanor Estate on 18 March 1937 with a Deed of Dedication on 12 May 1938 and included a small parcel of land bought by the Parish Council. The field must be preserved in perpetuity as a memorial to King George V, under the provisions of the King George's Fields Foundation. The National Playing Fields Association now administers this - recently re-named Fields In Trust.

Thomas Rawlins' Relief in Need Charity for Quorndon and Woodhouse
Charity number 217388
Formerly Thomas Rawlins Eleemosynary Charities
Established on 8 February 1892 for the relief, either generally or individually, of persons resident in the area of benefit who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress from the parishes of Quorndon and Woodhouse. Criteria include Medical/Health/Sickness and Relief of Poverty for Elderly/Old People and People with a disability/Special Needs. The trustees Make grants and loans to individuals.

Thomas Rawlins Educational Foundation Charity number 527858 Provides support via grants and loans to individual children and young people for education and training, as follows: 1. the school known as Rawlins Girls' Grammar School to be conducted as a voluntary school. 2. the benefit of boys and girls resident in the parishes of Quorndon, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves, and Barrow-upon-Soar who are in need of financial assistance. Contact: Clerk to the Trustees, Mrs Gill Bertinat Tel: 0116 260 1491 Email: ThomasRawlins@bertinat.me.uk

The Loughborough Welfare Trusts
Charity number: 214654 incorporating the former Loughborough Community Chest Charity number 260691 Established on 21 December 1969 by Cllr the Reverend James Thompson during his term of office as Mayor of Loughborough, and more recently incorporated into the Loughborough Welfare Trusts. The Community Chest charity was for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Borough of Loughborough through the following ways:

(a) the relief of poverty; (b) the advancement of education; (c) to supplement the funds of any charity already established or which may be established in the future for the benefit of the said inhabitants; (d) other charitable purposes for the general benefit of the said inhabitants.

The Welfare trusts are for General Charitable Purposes, Education/Training, Relief of Poverty, Accommodation/Housing - for Children/Young people, Elderly/Old People via grants to individuals and organisations. Contact: 20 Churchgate, Loughborough LE11 1UD Email: loughweltrsts@fsmail.net

The Sir Andrew Martin Trust for Young People
Charity number: 1042358
Formed by the late Sir Andrew Martin, makes small grants to individual young people in Leicestershire. Contact: c/o Charnwood Bakery, 200 Madeline Road, Leicester LE4 1EX Tel: 0116 234 0033

Sir Thomas White Loan Charity
Charity number: 218061

Eligible candidates may borrow up to £12,000 interest free for 9 years repayable by equal instalments after 3 years to establish themselves in their chosen career. To be eligible for consideration for a loan you must be over 18 and under 35; you must conduct your business in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland for the duration of the loan, and must be able to demonstrate that the business has the potential to succeed.

Contact: 1 Mill Lane, Leicester LE2 7HU tel: 0116 204 6620 online at http://www.stwcharity.co.uk/