Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Emma Crowe
50a Main Street
Woodhouse Eaves
LE12 8RZ


Members decide which committees to have and who should sit on them at the Annual Business Meeting in May each year.


To consider finances for both Council and Charity; and to make recommendations to full council and charity. Chair, Vice-Chair, Mr Shiels, Mr Thomas

Grants Panel

To make recommendations to full council [the charity cannot make grants]:
Chair, Mr Horne & Mr Sault

Planning Matters

To consider & make responses. All Councillors can consider planning applications. Mr Searancke, Mrs Barrington, Mr Sault, Mr Ince, Mr Shiels Nominees Mrs Martin, Mr Tyler, Mr Woodland, Mr Matthews

Neighbourhood Plan Committee

Draft Terms of reference:
To undertake the development of a Neighbourhood Plan in conjunction with local residents and businesses, Charnwood BC planners, and the Rural Community Council; to report regularly to full council and to the whole community; to produce and consult on a draft plan; and to manage the final submission. Mr Sault, Mr Searancke


To meet at least annually to consider staffing issues including reviews of staff job descriptions; and to make recommendations to full council. This Committee will normally meet in private: Mr Horne, Mr Searancke, Mr Sault & Mr Thomas


To consider traffic issues in conjunction with local people; to liaise with relevant organisations who have control of road traffic on behalf of the council; and to make recommendatiions to full council where appropriate: Nominees Mrs Randall, Mr Tyler, Dr Irving & Mr Whitmore
Footpaths monitoring: Nominee Andy Thomson