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Buses - latest we know

While the road is closed (and I think the earliest it will open will be Tues 3rd), the Direct Response Taxi (see the County Council notices attached to bus-stops) will continue.

HOWEVER – THERE WILL BE A BUS ALLOWED THROUGH FOR THE CHILDREN TO GET TO SCHOOL (including DeLisle bus), and one FOR THEM TO RETURN. These buses are generally fairly full.

The morning one arrives at 8.08 at the Pear Tree bus-stop heading for Quorn (8.21).

The return bus in the afternoon leaves Quorn at 15.27 pm, arriving at the Pear Tree at 15.36

I can't say where the intervening bus-stops are on Main Street – they may / not be accessible for the bus to stop.

No other buses will come through, unless something changes.

The above buses will NOT run on Saturday.

At any other time, the bus will continue along the diversion route, and we need to continue to use the Premier Direct Response Taxi Scheme (need to book by 5pm day before), or walk to the stop by the Alms houses in Old Woodhouse, or up to the stop in Swithland (or the reverse if coming from Leicester direction). Some people have been using the Good Neighbour Scheme (need to book by 7pm the day before).

Premier Direct taxi: 0797 624 5198
Good Neighbour Scheme: 0756 189 0100
Ann Humphreys, local volunteer

Posted: Wed, 28 Aug 2019 19:45 by Emma Crowe

Tags: Transport