Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Ann Irving
272 Forest Road, Woodhouse
Loughborough LE12 8UA

Tel: 01509 890050

Parish Wardens & Helpers

Parish Wardens are volunteers who help the Parish and the Parish Council.

Archaeology Warden: Mr A J Holmes
The County Council used to consult Archaeology Wardens when planning applications involved land in Archaeological Alert Areas [we have these in both villages] which might uncover or affect archaeological remains. Leics CC no longer makes this arrangement.

Heritage Wardens: Cathy Schou & Kate Moore

These wardens are appointed by the County Council to help establish heritage projects, especially those involving local wildlife. They keep in touch with the Leicestershire Local Access Forum. The forums represent interests on public rights of way and countryside access and cover the interests of walkers, cyclists, horse-riders, runners, climbers, landowners, farmers, environmental & conservation groups, people involved in tourism, disabled & disadvantaged groups and public transport users.
Email: heritage.warden@woodhouseparishcouncil.org.uk

Footpaths: Mr A Thomson
Email: LFAChair@gmail.com :

Allotments Manager: Mr Martin Hynard
The Allotments Manager looks after the allotments on behalf of the Council, taking bookings and seeing that the ground is kept tidy.
Email: hynardm@gmail.com

Neighbourhood Watch: Mr M Greenhalgh, Mr G Cameron, Mr B Schou, Mr J Owens
Mr Greenhalgh liaises with Police, local co-ordinators and other 'Watches' such as Countryside Watch and Pub Watch to help keep our Parish safe. Police Beacon Officer is PC Rachel Chapman and the Crime Support Officer is PCSO Tom Barker Email: nhw@woodhouse-eaves.co.uk

Community Champion: Mrs Sian Mollart
Community Champions report any litter "grot spots" to Charnwood BC.
Email: sianmollart@googlemail.com or Tel: 01509 890 721

Litter Picking: Mrs Pam Crankshaw
Pam manages a team of regulars who patrol local roads collecting litter from verges. The litter is mainly empty cans, bottles and fast food containers dropped by runners or walkers or thrown out of vehicles.

Tree Warden: Maggie Morland
The Tree Warden will take a keen interest in all things to do with trees in the parish and can offer comments on trees that might be affected when the council receives details of new planning applicatiions.
Email: tree.warden@woodhouseparishcouncil.org.uk

Flag flying volunteers: Paul Day & Darran McAuliffe
We fly flags at the Village Hall on Main Street and at the War Memorial on Church Hill - the list of dates is on the Property page.

Snow Warden: the Clerk
Leics CC pays parishes a small sum for snow clearance done by local volunteers - they receive health & safety training and clothing. Contact the PC if you are willing to help.

Bus company liaison: Ann Humphreys
Liaises with bus companies and county council to ensure the provison of timetables, suitable buses, alterations to services

Village pump garden: Mr K Funnell
Mr Funnell maintains the garden around the pump

Traffic Watch: Liz Randall, Karl Cheatham, Ann Irving
Fortnightly speed and volume monitoring

Sports volunteers
Football: Vic Tye
Cricket: John Gillingham
Tennis: Peter Cole

Annual Parish Award

The Council awards someone a trophy each year "in recognition of a significant contribution to the life of our villages." The trophy was made by Mervyn Greenhalgh when he left the Council in 1996 after being its Chairman. The list of who has been awarded the trophy is below.