Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Emma Crowe
50a Main Street
Woodhouse Eaves
LE12 8RZ

Council Powers, Processes & Regulations

The powers that parish councils can exercise

The document below lists the powers that parish councils have under law. It is from the National Association of Local Councils.

Council processes & regulations

The structure, staffing and operation of Woodhouse Parish Council is explained on the Council Administration page. On this page are several documents that guide the Council's work.

Standing Orders describe how the Council will conduct its business.

The Code of Conduct describes the standards to which every councillor subscribes when they take office.

The Financial Regulations condition the way in which the Council manages its finances. Its money comes from two main sources: an amount from your council tax ["the Precept" is the demand for this, and income from letting out the buildings. In addition, the council applies for grants and for big projects it may also apply for loans from a special Government fund.