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Woodhouse Eaves Recovery Homes

Woodhouse Eaves Recovery Homes – brief details

The village hosted no fewer than eight recovery homes – places where young or old patients could recover from illness or reside in a place of safety. Patients came from Leicester or Loughborough hospitals. Most were on Brand Hill. Some homes changed hands several times; some were eventually bought and sold by the NHS; many were supported by hosiery industry benefactors. All are now in private hands.

Brand Hill Cottage: 1877 – 1894

Housed just four patients. Now privately owned as part of The Brand.

Charnwood Convalescent Home, Breakback Road: 1894 – 1933

Was a VAD hospital during WWI. Sold to the Youth Hostels Association in 1936, then to Loughborough College, it was again sold in 1996 and now houses adults with learning difficulties.

Cooper Memorial Children's Convalescent Home: 1900 – 1966 / 2000

Supported by Rev W H Cooper of Loughborough and built on land obtained from Mrs Perry Herrick of Beaumanor. Sold to the Church of England Children's Society and used until 1987. In 1989 became a residential care home for the elderly. Now called Charnwood House and converted into private apartments. See more at http://www.childrenshomes.org.uk/LoughboroughWS/

Ellen Towle Memorial Home: 1948 – 1982

Bought in 1943 by knitting manufacturer Mr T P Towle. ATS billet in WWII. Bought by NHS in 1948 and sold in 1986. Now in private ownership and called Brand Hill House.

Empitts Children's Convalescent Home: 1920 – 1931

Given by Sir Arthur Wheeler. Bought in 1931 by local authority. Ceased 1980. Now privately owned as Hemp Pit Hill House [50 Brand Hill]. In 2011 its garage had an extension and is now a separate property [48 Brand Hill].

Roecliffe Manor Children's Home, Joe Moore's Lane: 1931 – 1969

Birth place of Lady Jane Grey, the "Nine Days Queen" who was beheaded in 1554. Later it belonged to the Heygate family - Captain Heygate died in the 1930s. In the 1940's it was purchased by the Leicestershire County Convalescent home. Bought in 1971 by Leonard Cheshire Foundation. Now privately owned and being restored as a family home.

Swithland Recovery Home: 1912 – 1974

Closed between 1946 and 1959 when NHS took it over. Closed in 1974 and sold in 1981. Now privately owned and in apartments as Swithland Court.

Zachary Merton Convalescent Home: 1937 – 1999 / 2006

Trust grant helped to build the largest of the homes. Threatened with closure in 1982. NHS re-opened it in 1987, closed it in 1999 and sold it to private care home company [Prime Life] which called it the Bradgate Park Nursing Home. It closed in 2006 and was eventually demolished. Seven exec houses are now on the site.

Much of the information above taken from The Rise and Fall of the Woodhouse Eaves Recovery Homes by Jill Honisett [dissertation for Advanced Certificate in Local History, Department of Continuing Education, Nottingham University, 1997]. A copy is in Loughborough Library's Local Studies section. Jill has since passed away.