Woodhouse Parish Council

Serving the people of Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves


Clerk: Emma Crowe
50a Main Street
Woodhouse Eaves
LE12 8RZ

Neighbourhood Plan

Woodhouse Parish Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation Comments Form

This six-week pre-submission consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan is the last time we will be asking people for comments before submitting the Plan to Charnwood Borough Council

To contact the Advisory Group with your views about planning policies to help shape the future of the parish, email woodhouseparishNP@gmail.com or contact a parish councillor or the parish council clerk.

In the column on the left are links to the Woodhouse Parish Plan, Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and Village Design Statements.

Key issues from NPs that have been completed:

  • Clarity
  • Evidence
  • Consistency
  • Meet all legal requirements
  • Balance harm and benefits
  • Be reasonable
  • Keep to land use planning

NPs must conform to the Local Plan. Charnwood BC has begun to consult on the next Local Plan up to 2036. Their documents are available from:

Neighbourhood Plans in Charnwood

Local network of NP groups
Nik Green officer who sends out NP info to mailing list of groups